ERP Features Survey

Make Online Survey Forms

  • Fast and reliable

  • Open Source, online, no loss of information

  • Analyze without delay

  • Real time results and charts

  • Centralize everything

  • Direct insight for your sales

  • Simple and intuitive

  • User-friendly interface


Create Neat & Professional Design

ERP's unique "edit inline" and building blocks approach makes survey creation surprisingly easy. You can drag and drop content online, edit any text that you see, following your needs. Did you find a small error in a questionnaire? Do you want to add a new answer or change the text? Just click and change - it's that simple. Modify the design, edit questions, add more text and change the pictures in real time without using any external and complex interface

Share Marketing Surveys without Delays

Thanks to our built-in sharing system, gathering information is not time consuming anymore. Since your database is directly accessible from the survey tool, you can share your polls really fast and immediately get responses. You can react to your marketing needs and provide studies anytime. With ERP Survey app, you don’t lose time on the process and you can focus on the quality and quantity analysis.

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